Have you googled yourself lately?

I recently googled myself (not because I’m vein), because I wanted to know what the world knows about me. Especially after a name change this year, I was just impressed I even existed.   I did realize very quickly that “Kendria White” is not such a special name after all. Don’t tell my mom I said that, but I did realize there was more than just one Kendria. So if an employer is trying to find me would they know if I am the Kendria who use to be Kendria Taylor, or would they assume I am the one listed with a not so professional facebook page, or even a public arrest record? The thought of someone mistaking me for another Kendria that wasn’t me was a little scary. I have always been conscious about how I use social media, but I didn’t think about the other 25 people who share my name or a variation of it.

So I Googled myself and found out that there are Kendria Whites, Kendria Taylor’s, and what most people mistake me for more often than not Kendra without the “I”. I was happy to know that I did pop up first on the Google list. I was even happier to know that my years of careful consideration and professionalism using social media didn’t embarrass me.  So I say to you, if you are out there seeking an employment opportunity, I would suggest that you go and Google yourself. As we all know employers are very social media savvy, and with all the things you can find on the internet these days it’s best to see what’s out there.

If you feel that your Google review is not so employer friendly, here are a few things you can do: First make sure that your pictures are images you would show to an employer. If you are in school or freshly graduated and can’t afford a professional Bio Picture, ask your career services department to take a nice picture of you and e-mail it to you to upload. Start a LinkedIn profile, because it doesn’t get any more professional then LinkedIn! If you have a twitter or facebook account starting today ensure that your tweets and posts are meaningful, inoffensive, and you have some good interaction with other twitter and facebook peeps. Remember it’s not too late to start cleaning up your social media image. The most recent post you have will show up first in a google search, so start putting good things into the universe and good things will come out! In case you are wondering which Kendria Taylor White I am, I have included a few searches of myself and I am pretty proud to be me!


By Kendria White-Director of Career Services CHCP Dallas