Landing a job is just the first part of entering your career. Your success depends upon how you behave in the workplace. For this reason we are providing you 10 Tips on how to remain professional in the workplace.

Be on Time and Punctual

  • If you arrive late for work or meetings it gives your boss and coworkers the impression that you don’t care about your job.
  • It is always safer to show up a few minutes before you are supposed to and return from your breaks on time.

Have a Good Attitude and Stay Positive

  • If you arrive to work in a bad mood, leave it at the door.
  • Don’t take your feelings out on your boss, co-workers, or customers.
  • Negativity is contagious and if you complain about your workplace, it will bring others down.

Watch What You Say

  • Use appropriate language and never swear at the workplace.
  • Refrain from using language as to not offend anyone present.
  • Gossiping makes everyone look unprofessional. If you know something about a co-worker you feel you must share, tell someone that has nothing to do with your workplace.

Dress Appropriately

  • Your appearance should always be neat and clean whether your work calls for formal or casual attire
  • Wear the type of clothing your employer requires. If there isn’t a dress code, pick attire that is the norm for your place of employment.

Don’t Hide from Your Mistakes

  • Own your mistakes and do your best to correct them so you don’t make the same mistake twice.
  • Don’t blame others for your errors ever, but set an example so that those who share responsibility for the mistake can step forward and admit their part.

Never be Dishonest

  • Dishonesty always makes you look bad, whether it’s lying on your resume or falsely calling in sick.
  • True professionals always stay up-front in their dealings.

Only Share What’s Appropriate

  • Don’t share too much personal information. It is okay to confide in a close friend at work, but sharing too much information with the entire office is not.
  • Be discerning in whom you talk to especially when it comes to discussing personal problems.

Be Trustworthy

  • Fulfill assigned tasks and don’t let people’s expectations down.
  • Be accountable and take responsibility for the actions you take.

Be Competent and Improve Continuously

  • Competency grows through experience and to the extent that one is willing to adapt and learn.
  • You must strive for continuous self-development. Seek for ways to stay current and not let your skills or knowledge become outdated.

Always be Ethical

  • Act within certain moral codes according to the generally accepted code of conduct or rules.

With these tips, you'll be the star of your workplace. Learn more about CHCP's Career Placement and how we help you into the career of your life!