The future of communication is quite bright, and will make what we use today look like old black and white episodes of Flash Gordon, having seen Star Wars.

So what can we expect to see? What can be left to the imagination?

The news here is very good. Watch for:

 VOXAX - voice activated systems, completely antiquating keyboards

Avatars - in essence, us, but virtually so - see this slightly creepy link, and for fun, move the mouse:

Text-to-voice immediate conversions of data - why read your text, when you can listen to it? See the link:

3-D Flash games - the fun way humans naturally learn, by playing

Simulations that are intuitive and morphing - the UoP is on the cutting edge here

Holographic Imaging - but better than George Lucas' version

Eye movement tracking glasses

Brain mapping resulting in 'head-packs', antiquating mouses - this is already underway, but will not reach maturity until we are all in our rocking chairs, sorry.

The future's so bright, we'd better wear shades!

Feel free to comment on the trends in Organizational Behavior as these relate to the ever increasing rate of change in the media. Consider, for example, how long it took various technologies to reach a total market audience of 50 million people:

Radio: 38 years
Television: 13 years
The Internet: 4 years
iPod: 3 years
Facebook: 1.7 years