Nutrition Labels – with the current design did anyone know that the information was split up in the above format? We posted the first look at the newly designed nutrition labels meant to point out key information we need on our Facebook page. Click the link if you missed that post: Newly Proposed Nutrition Labels

According to the FDA, the purpose is to update the nutritional information and highlight important information. More information can be found on their proposed updates here: FDA proposes updates to Nutrition Facts label. Well, now the FDA wants your input on the proposed changes! The two versions highlight the calories and servings, but the alternate version goes further to emphasize what you should avoid and stock up on.


The FDA is opening up the proposed changes to a public panel starting today, March 3. According to Everyday Health, “the goal of the Nutrition Facts Panel is to give consumers the facts they need to make an informed decision about their food purchases.”*

The proposals are split into two separate proposed rules. To comment on proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel layout, visit this website starting on March 3. To comment on proposed changes to serving sizes, visit this website.

Our health is important, so give your input. What would you like to see on the labels?


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