How many of you make New Year’s Resolutions?

The real question should be how many of you actually accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions?  The Statistic Brain ( website gathered disturbing New Year’s Resolution findings. 45% of Americans usually make some type of New Year’s Resolution. The most popular resolutions are weight loss and self-improvement or education. Out of the 45% only 8% will actually succeed in achieving their resolution.

Wow, only 8%. What keeps people from achieving their resolutions?  Let’s look at education, why are people not going back to school and succeeding? Scared of failure? Money problems? Family? Whatever the reason, lets beat the statistics and look at ways to make achieving your resolutions more attainable.

When setting resolutions always make sure you have a plan in place. Forbes Magazine says, “A resolution is a goal and it requires structure, otherwise it’s just a wish.” Sit down make a plan and don’t forget to account for obstacles. Keep yourself motivated; always remind yourself why you are doing this. If you decide to go back to school to provide a better life for your children, keep a picture of them taped to a school book. It will help you stay focused and motivated on those long days or nights.  Make sure to make yourself accountable to someone. Find an important person in your life, it can be a friend or family member, tell them about your goals this year and how important it is for you to succeed. Tell them to follow-up with you and make sure you are continuously working on achieving that goal.

Let’s change the statistics this year! Go home set some goals for 2013! If you are having trouble choosing a resolution always remember, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. “ Benjamin Franklin.

By: Kara Wiggins