As the CHCP Dallas campus embarks on the first graduating class, we ask healthcare professionals that are vital to the healthcare field to come out and speak with our students.

We invited The Chief Diversity Officer of John Peter Smith Hospital,  Dresdene White, to speak about Diversity in Healthcare. She spoke to the students about being flexible when they enter the healthcare field because you will work with many diverse groups. She provided the students with vital pieces of information such as, being able to adapt to your environment, being open to taking on job responsibilities that are not in your job description, and being aware that the healthcare field is tough and competitive. She informed the students they are looking for candidates that have a  heart for healthcare and cared enough about their program to have good attendance. Lastly, she spoke to the students about taking care of their health because they are now mentors in the field of healthcare. They can’t expect patients do to what they wouldn’t, so being healthy and getting annual check-ups is important to being a good healthcare professional.

Healthcare starts with a healthy you, and you can be the change you want to see happen in health care.