The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) was featured today in Inside Higher Ed as a scalable model for helping students prepare for, find, and succeed in healthcare careers. Out of Poverty, Into Health-Care Jobs, written by news editor Paul Fain, describes CHCP’s innovative work to help students not just graduate, but find employment in high-demand and growing fields. Inside Higher Ed is a leading higher education news source, with 2.25 million monthly readers.

The article takes a deep dive into CHCP’s unique approach to education and training, including a focus on career readiness and the stackability of our programs, as well as the blended learning environment that allows CHCP students to earn while they earn.  It includes a look at how CHCP partners with employers to develop programs that meet their needs, including the launch of our new surgical technology program in Austin earlier this year. In the piece, Geronimo Rodriguez, chief advocacy officer at Ascension Texas, notes CHCP’s role in the program’s launch and willingness to “listen” and “respond,” going on to say “the leadership of the CHCP understands the value of partnerships and relationships...It’s a win-win. They’re delivering what we need.”

Read the full article here on Inside HigherEd.