CHCP Online Super Student of the Week: Susan Holcombe!


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Just because you are in a career does not mean you are done learning. You should never stop pushing yourself to learn more and advance your career and education. Sue is a full-time Admissions Advisor for CHCP Online and now a full-time student in the HITM program.  She made the President’s Honor Roll last term with a perfect 4.0 gpa! Read below for more on Sue.

Why did you choose this program: I have done a lot of research into this career.  All of the information points to an interesting work environment and increasing need to qualified professionals.  I also like the idea of being able to work remotely at some point in the future.

Favorite Class so far and Why: As crazy as it sounds, my favorite has been Professor John Bohn’s Anatomy and Physiology.  It is so interesting, so challenging and so integral to my success in this field.  Professor Bohn is an excellent teacher who spends time with us individually.

Now that you’re also an Online student, what’s the best advice you can give someone considering becoming an Online student:  Learning online is no harder or easier than attending a traditional ground campus.  It is, however, more convenient.  The teachers here are amazing.  Reach out to them with your questions.  Don’t wait until you become frustrated, because at times you will.  There are so many people here to help you and they really care about your success.  The people who are graduating are the ones who ask for help.

List three things that have made you a successful student: 

o   My own motivation to get my degree and do well in my classes.  I will not give up, no matter what.

o   Setting aside time dedicated to college.  I figure I would have to do this if I was attending a traditional college, so I’ll do it here.

o   The support of the teachers and staff.  Whenever I have any questions or concerns, there’s someone there to help.

How do you balance both a full-time job and school:  By prioritizing day in and day out.  Things happen, life happens, it seems that it’s always something.

What are you looking forward to the most after Graduation:  The pride I will feel in my accomplishment.  The career opportunities that I may not even know about now.

Favorite Movie?  Avatar

First Car?  1978 Mustang T-top

Favorite Food? I absolutely am not a picky eater

Favorite Band? Foreigner

Favorite Muppet? Elmo

Pet’s Name  Hawkeye

Favorite place to vacation  Colorado

Best vacation memory?  Camping with my family as a kid

Go-to potluck dish?  Taco lasagna

Hidden talent?  Quilting


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