CHCP Online Super GRADUATE of the Week: Chrystal Sears!


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Read more about our Graduate's advice and favorites during her time with CHCP!

Favorite Course taken and Why:  My favorite course would by far was Medical Terminology.  I loved being able to learn what each term meant and figure out new ways to associate other words to help me learn them.  The class was fun!

Favorite Classroom Experience and Why:  My favorite classroom experience was when we did a PowerPoint presentation as a group – especially considering we were all online students and were in different parts of the state.  Being able to incorporate our work into one assignment was tough but very interesting!

Best advice to share with a new extern:  Do your best!  Work as if you were already employed, giving 110%.  This is part of your overall “interview” with the extern site and could possibly score you a job!

Where did you extern and What did you do:  Family Medicine Clinic of Killeen is where I externed.  I did all administrative work, such as appointments, taking copayments, verifying insurance, sending faxes and referrals, and coding cases.

What are you looking forward to the most after Graduation:  Being able to show my family I earned a DEGREE, which not too many people figured I would do, and find a real career.

Best advice to share with a new student in your program:  Do not procrastinate!  You’ll be surprised how quickly your work will add up and once that happens, it is very difficult to catch up.  Do your best, give your best, and you will be your best!

One or two of the following questions:

·         Favorite Movie?  My favorite movies are a tie between Inception and The Matrix Trilogy

·         Hidden talent?  I am an avid singer, have loved it since I was three and continue to do it 27 years later.