CHCP Online Super Student of the Week: Stephanie Ivy!


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Last August was the breaking point of my life. Literally. I had quit school for the second time, and had dug myself so far down in debt, that I could of screamed help and no one would have heard me! I was addicted to several substances, ranging from Marijuana to whatever pills I could get my hands on. I was living in the worst apartments in town, even worse than what we call the flats here. Everyone around me enabled my drug habits, because they knew once I was high that I would share anything.

I finally hit rock bottom and I attempted to Commit Suicide. I was dead for 3 minutes! I had a heart attack inside the ambulance. I don’t remember being in the ICU the first day. The doctor told my family I had a 50/50 chance of living because they could not pump my stomach, that they couldn’t promise I would make it, and the chances were not looking good.

I did, however, pull through and over this year made a lot of changes.

I have been sober since last December. I also have found God again. Over the summer, I was evicted from my apartment and, because of my boyfriend, refused to live with my parents. I lived in my car with a cat, dog, boyfriend, and his brother up until the end of July, where I finally decided I wanted more from life. I broke up with him after paying for him to live in a motel for a month, and went home to live with my parents.

The first decision I made for myself was to try to go back to school before I became in default with my student loans. (I am amazed to this day that I am at your school right now.) It is not easy by far; I have picked up 3 jobs to support myself and my mountain of debt. I also help my parents raise my brothers in return of free rent, TV, food, and Wi-Fi. My parents are very supportive of me now that I cleaned my life up.

This is my challenge. It is ongoing until the day I die. Every day I have to wake up and tell myself how far I have come, to turn around now. I am stronger now than I have ever been in my life, and I owe that to my overdose. It woke me up and I realized I could be better.

I love this school, my teachers are so encouraging! I have never had that before, and every time I open an email from them, I still feel like they are going to tell me I am doing horrible or something! They put smiles on my face more days a week than they could possibly know!


Stephanie Ivy

Health Information Technology and Management Student

The College of Health Care Professions