CHCP Online Super Faculty: Hollie Toppel!


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Favorite Classroom Experience and Why: 

Every time one of the Strategies for Success students realize how their own experiences, knowledge, and responses make a difference in one of their class member’s life, they bond, and become successful, energized, and inspired to be only the best in HealthCare.

Full Teaching Philosophy:

The educator, intently, passionately maximize each student to develop an excellence in learning, reflect, and innovate shaped by trust, contemporary awareness, intellectual inquiry, and leadership.  The educator unselfishly strives to facilitate each student to meet the student’s highest potential, build skills, and develop values of self-worth, integrity, creativity and effectiveness. The educator fosters intellectual and personal growth, environmental responsibility, sensitivity to diversity and human dignity and lifelong learning. The educator models astounding leadership, citizenship, institutional effectiveness,  curriculum improvement, development of appropriate assessments, and innovation; while assuring quality, upholding the highest integrity and ethical standards bringing happiness, laughter, and a passion to create the best life to the student.

More Fun Facts:

• Favorite Movie?  Lion King
• First Car?  1968 327 Convertible Camero
• Favorite Food? Pizza
• Favorite Band? Michael Buble
• Favorite Muppet?  Kermit
• Pet’s Name  Buddy
• Favorite Outdoor Activity? Hiking
• Favorite Book as a child? A Winkle in Time As an Adult?
• Favorite place to vacation Beach
• Best vacation memory?  Swimming with the Dolphins
• Go-to potluck dish?  Sauté Mushroom  Cheese Stuffed Artichoke
• Hidden talent? Scientist