CHCP Online Super Faculty: Dr. John Bohn!


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My favorite classroom experience occurred when I was a first year medical student in medical genetics class, and the professor brought in several families that had a child with Down syndrome. The parents addressed us while the kids played and eyed us over, as if they were saying “Do you honor me? Will you help me? Will you not make me scared?”

This was our first exposure to real live patients. Suddenly, the classic academia atmosphere of textbooks, models, tissue samples, and lab benches melted away in a moment to remind us all of why we were there and where we were headed – REAL patients, with real lives and real families --- who would someday be giving us their trust and for whom we would someday have responsibility.

The experience was exciting, frightening, and humbling – but above all it was motivating. It fueled a deep sense of purpose.  The whole backdrop of studying from then on seemed so much more focused on doing my best to be of best service to those who would need to trust me --- not only for my knowledge and skills, but also for my ability to interact with each patient as a unique whole person. 

Fun Facts about John Bohn:

  • I am fascinated with Humor – its variety of types, uses, and physiologic & psychological effects, and delivered a number of talks on the subject.
  • I am also fascinated with optical illusions.
  • I’ve been knocked out 4 times as a kid (Twice by kids swinging a baseball bats next to me…) But I’m still mentally tack as a sharp today
  • Also, I was privileged to have a weekly television spot on television for over 13 years in Madison Wisconsin – a LIVE call-in segment about pediatric and parenting issues, with about 100.00 people tuned in each week. Got recognized on the street a lot and had to unlist my phone number because people would call me at home anytime for advice.
  • I have 2 wonderful daughters
  • I can’t roll my R’s
  • I collected old beer cans in College (The collection is currently for sale….)
  • I’ve been knocked out 4 times as a kid (Twice by kids swinging a baseball bats next to me…) But I’m still mentally tack as a sharp today
  • I and my 4th grade friends danced the swan lake ballet with our dads ( verybadley too) at a talent show in grade school – we all wore white long underwear and tissue paper tutus…But we still got a standing ovation.
  • NONE of my teeth have piercings
  • My hands are mirror images of each other
  • I once stitched up my own cut in my eyebrow area.
  • I’ve been knocked out 4 times as a kid (Twice by kids swinging a baseball bats next to me…) But I’m still mentally tack as a sharp today
  • The highlight of my sports career was playing “alternate right fielder” in cub scout baseball, praying that no one hit the ball to me….


Dr. John Bohn lives in Madison, Wisconsin where everyone wears a cheesehead hat, has a cow for a pet, and uses automobile jumper cables to jump rope. He is both a physician and a registered pharmacist and spent thirteen years working as a pediatrician and clinical instructor in pediatrics before making the unconventional decision to leave practice to be a full-time stay-at-home dad for his two daughters to manage some difficult family issues. He returned to clinical work to serve as a principle investigator for FDA Phase I clinical research trials for a several years, then began teaching online with CHCP in January 2013.

Dr. Bohn passionately enjoys teaching and has taught audiences of both laypersons and health professionals through various venues. He also had a popular weekly live television call-in segment on pediatrics and parenting that ran for over thirteen years. Dr. Bohn is also a certified magician, and is very active in Church activities. His interests include humor, toys, medical ethics, children with special needs (especially autism), and getting a great deal at garage sales.