Lorraine Papazian-Boyce, who teaches in the health management program, won an award celebrating texts from the Textbook & Academic Authors Association.

Famed author William Arthur Ward once proclaimed, "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." At The College of Health Care Professions, there are plenty of instructors and professors in that final category. Those individuals shape and nurture students that will become the future of the healthcare industry. For these teachers, it's rewarding enough just to know they made a difference in a student's life. Sometimes, though, these academic leaders are honored with actual awards. Case in point: Lorraine Papazian-Boyce, who is a winner of a prestigious award from the Textbook & Academic Authors Association.

Healthcare elite
Papazian-Boyce is one of a dozen or so winners of the Most Promising New Textbook Award. She is the author of "Pearson's Comprehensive Medical Coding: A Path to Success," which serves as the basis for much of CHCP's Health Information Management program. Furthermore, it's used widely in healthcare programs across the nation. The award is a huge honor in the healthcare industry, as it's judged by some of the field's most influential instructors, authors and academics. The "Texty," as it's sometimes called, is judged on four key areas: the book's design and appearance, the quality of writing, the amount of research and pedagogy, or how it aids in the instructional process.

This isn't Papazian-Boyce's first award, either. In 2012, she won for her very first text, "ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding: A Map to Success." Nonetheless, Papazian-Boyce explained that she's just as appreciative the second time around. 

"It's an amazing honor to win this award because it is validation by fellow authors that I accomplished my vision for the book," she said in a statement. "I will accept the award in June at TAA's annual conference in San Antonio. I will add that Angela Campbell, another HIM instructor, worked as a subject matter resource expert for me on the text and made numerous valuable contributions."

Other winners of the Texty include influential instructors and authors in the fields of calculus, astrophysics, sustainable building and English.

Pushing new ideas
This award is just the latest success in Papazian-Boyce's 30-plus year healthcare career. Not only has she taught at a number of other important academic institutions prior to her time at CHCP, but she's also worked in administration and operated her own medical billing and coding company. Papazian-Boyce has written a slew of other textbooks, supplements and journal articles, on subjects including medical assisting and insurance coverage. Perhaps her true area of expertise, however, is ICD-10-CM/PCS coding and medical billing, and she speaks on these topics at colleges and symposiums across the country.

It's that experience that has helped make her latest text such a vital component of modern healthcare instruction. Papazian-Boyce said that she designed the text with one major intention in mind: to be a definitive source for instructors and students alike.

"The goal of this text is not only to create a comprehensive coding text but to approach coding in a way that gives instructors new tools for communicating successfully and gives students effective methods for learning new skills," she said. "No chapter and no example were written without answering the question, 'How will this help instructors communicate with students?'"

In the 60-chapter, 1,200-page textbook, Papazian-Boyce addresses, among other topics, coding fundamentals, the development of ICD-10, the physician coding system and online coding.

The bigger picture
Just as she wrote the text with others in mind, Papazian-Boyce feels that this award is valuable for more than just what it does for her career. It also sends an important message to the healthcare world about what CHCP has to offer.

"I think it (winning the award) would present a positive image to students that the HIM program is using an award-winning textbook and that the author is teaching one of the courses in which it is used," she said. "This should instill confidence in potential and current students that they will receive a high quality education in the HIM field at CHCP."