Today, two-time CHCP graduate Jestina King was featured in a new case study in Training Industry authored by Joycelyn Gordon, the chief operating officer at Calvary Medical and Urgent Care, a longtime CHCP employee partner. Joycelyn shares Jestina’s story as a single mom who graduated from CHCP as a limited medical radiologic technologist (LMRT) and went on to earn her associate’s degree in radiologic technology (RT) while working full-time at Calvary. Jestina was also recently featured in a McGraw-Hill case study highlighting the power of stackable certificates in advancing economic mobility. 

In the new case study, titled “Solving Employee Retention Through Care,” Joycelyn outlines four approaches employers can take to improve employee retention based on Calvary’s experience with Jestina:

  1. Provide stability by allowing employees to keep their jobs

  2. Provide a flexible work schedule

  3. Offer opportunities for advancement after an employee upskills

  4. Be supportive when complications arise

The full article can be found here.