I’ve started many things and I’ve finished many things, however there are some things I never finished and some things I’ll never attempt. The beauty of it is,  some of those things I can still finish.

I started as a Dental Assistant 29 years ago, I know wow, I’m only 30 I’m a fast learner!  I’m still going strong and loving it.  What I thought you should know is that a yearly exam and cleaning is very important to your health, not taking care of your oral cavity can cause health problems.

Let me educate you about our teeth… brushing 10, 15, or even 25 times a day is not effective if you’re doing it wrong. It’s recommended you brush after every meal… oh yeah who does that???  All the dental professionals? Yeah right!  “Ideally” you should brush in the morning, after lunch and before you go to bed at night… and flossing every day wouldn’t hurt.

Ok, one more thing (I know, I know, but this is what I do!), stop by any pharmacy and get  some fluoride and use it three times a week (It’s recommended every day, work with me people I’m cutting you some slack). It also curves your appetite for all us dieters! When you follow all of the above you will have fewer cavities, which means less money to pay at the dentist, less stress and a beautiful smile.

Question:  What type of tooth brush should you buy soft, medium, or hard?

Lynne L. Turner - Dental Program Director - Fort Worth