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Can I balance a CHCP Online Education with my current life?

The short answer is: yes, you can.

Below you will find 5 steps to help you do just that.

Step 1: Take a Good Look

The first task is to look at your life and understand how you currently are spending your time. Prioritize what is important or you are not willing to live without and see what free time you have available. This way you can set a realistic view of how much time you have, so you can set reasonable and attainable goals for your online education.

Step 2: Build a Practical Course Load

The beauty of an online education is that you have the flexibility of how many and how few classes you take at a time. You also have the ability to take the classes at any time during the day. With this in mind, build a course load according to the free time you established in step one. Do not try to overbook yourself, especially in the beginning. You want to ease into it and add more classes if you find you are able to handle more. If you overload yourself right off the bat, you may stress yourself out and find you do not want to continue. Your education is important, so recognize what you can and cannot handle in order for you to keep progressing forward.

Step 3: Use your Calendar

It may sound crazy, but schedule time in your calendar for school, family and work. Clearly seeing your time laid out in a calendar can help you see what you need to accomplish each day. It also allows you the ability to make sure you have set aside time for other important things in your life, such as family or work obligations. The important part of this step, however, is to actually use the calendar. This is to keep you focused, on task, and organized with what you may have going on with your family, school and work.

Step 4: Keep to Your Schedule

Once you have set your appointments, keep them. It is important to set reminders on your calendar and not allow yourself to postpone appointments unless it is truly necessary. Treat your school tasks and appointments as important meetings with an employer. Also, do not disregard appointments and obligations with your family. Missing those appointments may lead you to reschedule during your school time, which in turn will completely throw your organization and focus off track.

Step 5: Check-In and Adjust

After a few months, take some time to evaluate how things have been going. Have you been able to keep your appointments? Are you meeting your work and family obligations? Do you find that you are struggling to keep up? Once you have been in the process, it is important to see how it is working. If things are not going smoothly, find out the problem. It may be a matter of too many classes or scheduling certain tasks at the wrong time. Adjust, as needed, and continue re-evaluating throughout the course of your education. Your obligations change, so in order to keep up, you must adjust and adapt to them.


Implementing these 5 steps will give you a way to set your goals and achieve them in accordance to your life and current obligations. Soon you will be able to see yourself in one of the variety of health care training CHCP Online offers, including programs in medical assisting, and achieving a health care management degree.

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