The classic 'old school' model of the workplace was 'The Gladiatorial Display', filled with lots of drama, dead bodies on the ground, and loud cheering – and absolutely no play – personal stuff VERBOTTEN.

If you ever find yourself working in such a place, hang in there - you will find better - not only because you deserve it, but also because these kinds of organizational cultures are increasingly going the way of ashtrays, spittoons, and the 8-Track tape.

Why? People naturally desire to occasionally bring unfinished projects home to complete (really - we do!) just as much as people occasionally want to look for their daughter's shoes, while Online, and at work.

Organizations that force people to 'put on the chest plates once on the coliseum floor', without any room for being human while at work, create headaches, hemorrhoids, heartaches and sociopathic manager monsters (the Dwight Schrute types, from The Office) - and while these kinds of firms keep the people at Tums in business, they churn employees, like ants on a Twinkie.

Keep the faith - as you rise in educational attainment, you will begin to reject these kinds of work places, and you will increasingly have the ability to run from them as well!