It is the last leg of the race. You can see the finish line, and even almost touch it! In the next month or two, graduations will be taking place. Can you picture yourself walking up to that podium? Even if you still have some classes to go, you may be able to picture your summer plans now.

Whether you are about to graduate or are simply getting ready for summer, let us stay motivated and zoned in on our goal. It is crucial to maintain our body health to finish strong.

Tips on staying healthy:

1.    There is an app for that. There are many apps out there to help you get out there and get moving. There are many apps that offer calorie-counting, workouts, tools to use during workouts, and even some that monitor our sleep habits. We are already on our phones all day, so make your phone work for you.

2.    Stay hydrated. Your body is its own pharmacy. It is designed to take care of itself and is the only permanent home you will truly ever have. Take care of it. Avoid sugary drinks (or at least cut some out) and stick with water, especially during physical activity.

3.    Make a small change. You are in a hurry and are in line at the drive through to get lunch before class or work. Make a small change: avoid getting the fries and large drink. You can always just get the sandwich, as opposed to the full meal. Making one small change each day can make a huge difference.

4.    Smile. Even when you feel like the world is crashing down, when you feel like you cannot give anything anymore - smile. You are alive and are making things happen. This is all you. Enjoy it. When you feel like frowning, try smiling instead for a good five minutes. It will feel silly, but will do wonders. A positive attitude can go a long way.

If you find yourself unhappy and unsure of where to make that change in your life, maybe a new career is what you need. The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) offers health care training in a variety of allied health fields such as medical assistingnursing, and more. Read about CHCP programs available at ground campuses and online.

What keeps you motivated?