It’s not uncommon for a student to register for their certification exam prior to completing the program, but never has a student actually taken the certification exam and passed prior to completing the program!  Below is a story from that student, Mirza Baig, in his own words, as well as some well-deserved praise from his instructor.  

April 23, 2013
(Medical Coding and Billing Specialist)

My training at The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) is in Medical Coding and Billing (MCB). My expected graduation date is May, 2013. I have successfully passed the certification exam a month prior to my course completion date. I have been informed that passing the certification board exam prior to completing the MCB program is the first in the history of a student at The College of Health Care Professions!

The journey has been worthwhile. The MCB program is an accelerated program that requires one to stay on target. My focus remained in my studies, assignments and quizzes. I have learned a lot from attending college. I have more confidence in my ability to perform at the capacity that I was trained. I am prepared to use my abilities to perform successfully in the medical profession.

Personal challenges throughout my life have not discouraged me from achieving my goals. My short term goal was to never give up on studies, rather to work hard to achieve the highest standards. My long-term goal is to keep the journey of health care in motion.

Something about my personal life; My beautiful wife and I are elated about becoming proud parents to a wonderful baby boy in May 2013. We are ready to welcome our child, but it will be a challenge because I will be starting externship during the same time. 

My initial goals have been accomplished with the help of my instructor (Mrs. Glenn) and the staff members of The College of Health Care Professions. I believe that my successful journey would not have been completed without the team efforts provided by the college. The College of Health Care Professions is a place for anyone who is interested in becoming a skilled professional in the health care field.

Sincere thanks and gratitude,
Mirza Baig


From his instructor:

On behalf of the Medical Coding & Billing Program (MCB) and The College of Health Care Professions, it is an honor to commend Mirza Baig for passing the Certification exam for Professional Coders. This is truly an honor since Mirza has not yet completed the MCB program. Mirza started the MCB program fall of 2012. He has successfully completed the classroom requirements for the program with honors. Mirza will soon start externship required to complete the program. His expected completion date is May 2013.

During the course of the MCB program, Mirza demonstrated dedication, respect and structure in the classroom with unique learning qualities. Mirza’s academic achievements should be acknowledged along with his recent award as a Certified Professional Coder Apprentice.

Mirza Baig deserves the highest regards for his accomplishments. Thank you for your hard work.


Mrs. Glenn, AAT, BSHA, MSM
Medical Coding & Billing Instructor


Mirza's story is proof that hard work and determination will pay off.  Congratulations Mirza on a truly remarkable accomplishment.  We look forward to your continued success, both personally and professionally.