“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ~William Arthur Ward

Inspiration, with the foundation of knowledge is what every student needs. Highly effective instructors share one very important special quality, and that is inspiring students. If you ask a student what made their favorite instructor so great, you would hear the following words: passionate, devoted, knowledgeable, patient, lively, energetic, high standards, understanding, sense of humor, creative, always prepared, motivated, and a great listener. In order to be an effective instructor, and inspire students, one must have clear goals and objectives set out. Seven habits highly effective instructors embrace include:

1. Highly effective instructors have clear objectives. In the world of education, your objectives act as road signs to your destination. Clear and concise objectives allow the students to know what is expected of them.

2. Highly effective instructors expect each and every one of their students to succeed. It’s okay to set the bar high and create an environment where some students fail. This will motivate them to keep trying until they reach the objective.

3. Highly effective instructors are passionate about their work. A passionate instructor loves their work, and enjoys teaching the subject. They emanate a contagious energy, and students enjoy the class more.

4. Highly effective instructors have a positive attitude. A large part of teaching is modeling and support. An instructor who demonstrates a negative attitude will not foster a supportive and creative learning environment. Positive attitude breeds creativity, and makes class more enjoyable for students.

5. Highly effective instructors utilize technology in the classroom. Students are visual learners. Presenting lectures in power point presentations and incorporating relevant videos will surely grab their attention and make learning a more enjoyable experience.

6. Highly effective instructors are reflective. An instructor who just strictly lectures without connecting to the students inhibits a resourceful thinking environment. Instructors who pose questions to all students during their lecture are able to assess whether students understand the presented material, and uncover any weaknesses.

7. Highly effective instructors never stop learning themselves. Learning is a life long process, applicable to every single person. A good teacher finds time in their schedule to learn new information themselves and bolster their knowledge.

Above all else, a highly effective instructor is a master in their subject and truly enjoys teaching. They foster an environment that inspires students to learn more and engages students in unique ways, inviting them to think outside the box. What makes you a highly effective instructor?