Your resume should outline your job and volunteer positions that highlight skills you have picked up that could be applicable to the position you are applying. It should be easy to read, understand and sell you to the hiring manager. You do not want to include anything that could potentially take away from your information, or simply won't add any value. The following are a few examples of things NOT to include on your resume.

  1. Demographic Information - Any potential employer does not need to know your age, marital status, political or religious affiliation, race, etc. This is information that even on an application is voluntary, so it is unnecessary to include in your resume. In addition, an employer is not allowed to make decisions regarding a position using these characteristics, so they are better left off.
  2. Photo - Unless it is crucial to the position and specifically requested, you can leave a photo off your resume. Your appearance should be considered at an interview, not in the resume. At an interview, however, it is important to dress for the role you are wanting. Business attire is typically a safe option.
  3. Objective - An objective had previously been used as a statement of your intentions in your job search. Nowadays, the objective is considered pointless because your intentions are understood by your application to the position. The objective does not offer any valuable information to add to your resume, but rather it takes away valuable space that can be used to expand on prior positions and experiences.
  4. References - References are definitely important in your job search; however, you do not need to include them on your resume. It is generally accepted to provide references upon acceptance for a position or once an interview has been set. It is also unnecessary to include the statement “References available upon request.” This is an understood statement and simply takes up extra space on your resume.

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