If you kick, dribble, throw, run, swim, or jump, we’ll give you four reasons why massage therapy should be an integral part of your regimen.

Reduce muscle soreness

With all good things come hard work. Training is an essential piece of an athlete’s journey. Training builds up strength, increases endurance, and improves skill. Whether one is just starting out or has been playing for years, training is perhaps the most important part of a player’s daily routine.

Constant exercise and strenuous movement is bound to take a toll on the body resulting in muscle soreness. Muscle soreness can make it uncomfortable, or even painful, to train because vigorous exercise causes tiny tears in muscle fibers. Aside from relaxation, muscles are the biggest benefactors of a massage session. Incorporating periodic massages after working out can relieve the muscles of soreness. Massage stimulates mitochondria in the cells to speed up recovery time between exercises.

Increase peak performance

Massage therapy has been linked to improve movement and flexibility. A massage therapist will target the stressed areas that will promote formation of new healthy tissue and will stretch your muscles to increase mobility and prevent injury.  

Prevent sport injury

Massage therapy has made headway in preventative medicine. There is nothing worse than missing out on the sport you love due to an injury. Keeping your body in line beneath the surface prevents aches and pains from becoming a recurring condition caused by tense muscles.

From a sprained ankle or twisted knee to muscle spasms or broken bones, massage can provide the opportunity for faster recovery. With the pressure of the therapist's hands improving blood flow, muscles become warmer. By stretching tight tissues and breaking down adhesions, massage can help flush out swelling in joints, allowing for quicker healing.

Drain away fatigue

Massage is a double-duty treatment; a mind and body therapy. Allowing yourself to relax the body and the mind is perhaps the greatest benefit of getting regular massages. Drain away the fatigue after a hard day’s work by giving your body a rest and clearing your mind so that one can focus on goals.

All this talk about hard work. What about the reward? Some see massage as a luxury but if you’re an athlete, massage therapy should become a vital part of your routine. It reduces muscle soreness, increases peak performance, prevents injury and drains away fatigue. Your body will thank you!

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