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In honor of national athletic training month, everyone should be getting up off their seat and moving. Physical fitness is an important aspect of everyday life. If you are overweight or unfit, it may make daily tasks more tiresome or could be affecting your health.

It may be that you have made the commitment, but are unsure of where to start with your exercises. Here is a list of four exercises that everyone should know how to do. These exercises are the absolute basics and could be all you need to get a full body workout alongside your cardio regimen.

1.      The Deadlift is great for developing hip, glutes and lower back strength and power and is often regarded as one of the best lifts to test overall strength. Its benefits span across the exercise spectrum from rehab and corrective exercise to max strength. 

2.      The Squat has long been the gold standard exercise for lower-body strength and development.  There are multiple varieties, but it is one of the most basic movements we all constantly do throughout a normal day when we sit down or stand up. It targets all the major muscle groups in the lower body as well as some in the upper.

3.      The Pull-up is one of the most basic and most effective exercises for developing pulling strength and a great physique.  This one exercise with all of its variations can hit every muscle in your upper-body from your fingers to your abs.  You are only limited by your imagination and the dedication to stick with it. Of course, with it being the most effective, it is also one of the hardest.

4.      The Push-up is the partner exercise to the pull-up with the same benefits, except it develops pressing muscles and strength.  The push-up is easily the most recognizable exercise and is a staple for excellent upper body strength and endurance targeting pectorals, deltoids, and triceps.

All of these exercises involve multiple muscles and joints and incorporate everyday movements to develop all-around strength, power and endurance. Strength training and weight lifting are excellent to increase lean muscle mass and aid in weight loss.

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