While rejection is an inevitable part of life, there is always a new door waiting to be opened. If you have received a rejection letter for nursing school, don’t give up yet! There are several ways to get back on track with your career goals.

One option is to apply to a different medical or healthcare program. There are numerous critical roles to fill in the healthcare system and many of those careers do not require a four-year degree. The College of Health Care Professions offers certificates and Associates degrees that provide direct patient care in fields similar to nursing – here are four examples:

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Associate's Degree

With an Associate’s Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with patients in clinics, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. Students will learn and demonstrate scanning techniques and protocols of the abdomen, superficial structures and obstetrics/gynecology in the laboratory and clinical settings, integrating the lectures with clinical education. We offer this program at our Austin, Ft. Worth, Houston Northwest, McAllen, and Northwest San Antonio campuses. Visit our Diagnostic Medical Sonography page to learn more.

Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist Certificate

Learn how to become a Limited X-Ray Technologist through CHCP’s Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist Program! This is a highly specialized role that will allow you to work closely with patients through setting up and operating the X-ray machine and related equipment. With CHCP’s high-quality training, you’ll help physicians make accurate diagnoses to provide the best care for the patients. We offer this program at our Austin, DallasFt. WorthHouston Northwest, Houston SouthwestMcAllen, and Northwest San Antonio campuses. Start your career now

Surgical Technologist Associate's Degree

Want to be at the heart of the operating room? Then an Associate’s Degree in Surgical Technology is the degree for you! With surgical technologist training from CHCP, you will be prepared to take the certification exam and become a skilled surgical technologist. You’ll assist surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses during various surgical procedures, playing a critical role in patient care. We offer this program at our Austin,  Houston Northwest and North San Antonio campuses.Visit our Surgical Technology page to learn more. 

Medical Assistant Certificate

While working alongside doctors and nurses (in both clinical and administrative capacities), Medical Assistants regularly use their knowledge of anatomy, medical terminology, time management, and clinical skills to care for patients. This career offers flexibility and the benefit of performing varying tasks from day-to-day. Medical assistants are needed in a variety of settings, including (but not limited to) hospitals, medical clinics, medical labs, and medical research facilities. CHCP offers the Medical Assistant Program at all 8 of our campuses and online in various forms, including traditional, blended, and online.

These alternative careers can not only fulfil your passion to help patients and be a part of a growing industry, but will also provide a vast array of job options. However, if your heart is still on becoming a nurse, your dream is still within reach. At CHCP, we offer an Associates of Applied Science in Nursing program that will help your improve your grades and re-take prerequisite classes necessary for a nursing degree. This program is specifically designed for LVN to RN transition that prepares you for the NCLEX and is offered at our Houston Northwest Campus. Visit our Medical Assistant page to learn more. 

Whether you choose a different path, or push through and try again, a degree in the medical field is possible with The College of Health Care Professions. Let us help you find and attain the career of your life and contact our admissions team today