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July 2020

According to a 2013 survey by Citigroup and Seventeen magazine, nearly 80 percent of students in the U.S. work at least part-time . At CHCP we understand this jam-packed schedule can be difficult to balance, especially as you try to leave space to have a personal life or explore hobbies. But it doesn't have to be emotionally or physically overwhelming if you know how to keep the responsibilities of school, life and work in proper order. To assist, here are four handy tips for maintaining balance in all aspects of your daily life: "A 2013 survey found that 80% of students work at least part-... Read More
People often associate stretching exclusively with athletes and exercise. While it is beneficial for physical activity, stretching can also aid in other aspects of the body. Movement is medicine and 5 to 10 minutes of stretching a day can improve your overall health. Here are some benefits of including stretching as part of your daily routine: Stretching keeps your muscles strong Our bodies are much like a well-oiled machine. Our muscles and joints must work together to keep us functioning properly. Incorporating stretches as part of your day increases flexibility, range of motion, loosen... Read More
There is a lot more than pulling teeth and suction tubes when it comes to dentistry. In fact there are various practices within the dental world. There are practices that will focus on different aspects of your smile and a team that works collaboratively. Dental Assistants are essential team members in dentist’s offices because of their versatile skills. Check out these 5 types of dentistry where you could be working as a dental assistant: General Dentistry If you have ever had a routine visit to the dentist’s office, it is likely that you visited a general dentist or a primary care dentist... Read More
One of the most common things we hear among potential students is, “I am interested in the medical field but I do not like the blood.” Blood and needles are among some of the most common fears. In fact, the fear of medical procedures involving injections is called trypanophobia . While blood and instruments are a part of health care, they are not the central component. The health care industry is a diverse field that goes beyond doctors and nurses. There are many different team members that are essential to keeping the industry running. Check out these 3 health care careers that do not... Read More