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July 2019

If you kick, dribble, throw, run, swim, or jump, we’ll give you four reasons why massage therapy should be an integral part of your regimen. Reduce muscle soreness With all good things come hard work. Training is an essential piece of an athlete’s journey. Training builds up strength, increases endurance, and improves skill. Whether one is just starting out or has been playing for years, training is perhaps the most important part of a player’s daily routine. Constant exercise and strenuous movement is bound to take a toll on the body resulting in muscle soreness. Muscle soreness can make it... Read More
What Is Aromatherapy?
With health and wellness on the rise, a quick Google search will let you know that essential oils contain various therapeutic and medicinal benefits. What makes them so effective is their highly concentrated compounds extracted from plants. There is an abundance of accessible, cost effective essentials oils that offer remedies to mood boosting, pain relief, and reducing anxiety, among other things. How can this get any better? When you combine the relieving effects obtained from essential oils with the healing touch of a massage therapist this is known as Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a form... Read More
Though some careers in the health care industry may spike from time to time, nurses are pretty much always in steady demand. The field of nursing is set to grow 16 percent by 2024 , per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and those figures have been above the national average for quite some time. It's easy to see why hospitals and doctor's' offices will always need nurses: In many ways, these individuals are the glue of any health organization, assisting doctors, caring for patients and helping with administrative functions. As such, it takes a very specific personality to become a... Read More
Surgical Technology Certification Program Now Offered in Austin
Surgical Technology is a fundamental career path that is projected to grow by 12% by 2026 and is now being offered in our Austin campus . Surgical Technologists are essential individuals in the operating room that prepare patients and equipment for surgery. Our hands-on approach is designed to provide our students with all the necessary skills to succeed in this fast-growing and in-demand field. We’ll get you from the classroom to the operating room in a little over a year and a half. Through our program, Surgical Technology students will learn what surgical technicians are expected to do on... Read More
Harmony Public Schools Summer Camp at CHCP
CHCP was founded with the mission to turn passion into a career through hands-on practice. Harmony Public Schools is an institution that implements the same values as CHCP when it comes to preparing students for the career of their life. Harmony Public Schools believes each student can achieve their own unique, full potential through a caring and collaborative learning environment that emphasizes personalized learning and innovative instructional methods. There is no formula to choosing the correct career path. It is driven by passion and fueled by a natural curiosity to learn and make a... Read More