There are two rules to follow to keep yourself going in your education: stay motivated and keep studying. Today we have provided some studying advice and how staying motivated in your career goals can really help you succeed after graduating.

You cannot teach motivation.  At The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP), many students work part-time, if not full time, while attending school. These students have proven time management skills as they juggle work, school, and family obligation. You cannot teach drive. CHCP will give you all the tools to have the knowledge and skills to go out into the real world and be prepared for your future career, but drive and motivation have to be present to make it happen. You have to study and work hard in order to be successful in your career.

Here are 3 tips to make studying more manageable:

  1. Create an enjoyable study environment - whether you like the room to be super cold, bright, or with no windows. Make sure you are comfortable with room to walk around if the need arises to belt out your study notes.
  2. It is okay to take breaks. Take a break to recharge your battery and to help you make sense of all the information you are learning.
  3. Get a study buddy or two. When you are studying with someone else, you can help each other understand the information, and get a fresh new perspective. You can make it fun by having different studying personalities within your group. You can invite a very animated friend who will keep you all motivated as you study.

Whether you’re studying medical assisting, nursing, medical coding and billing or another one of the many programs CHCP has to offer, remember CHCP is here to help you. Students have a dedicated team of advisors trained to help, so you can stay focused on your education, as well as career services to help with job placement and externship.

What helps you stay motivated and study?

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