We know your education is important to you. But many students find themselves asking how they can be most successful in the classroom. Luckily, we have 10 tips to help you succeed in the classroom.

  1. Attendance is Key!

  • Attend all of your classes and make your presence known by participating.
  • Teachers will notice your level of participation and can vouch for you later with writing letters of recommendation.
  • Come prepared by looking over the syllabus for the topic to be covered, ensure you complete all reading assignments prior to class and take notes, bring necessary materials to class.
  1. Stay Organized

  • Keep a planner and write due dates as well as the course calendar in it.
  • Keep homework, tests, and class papers in a central location.
  1. Use Your Time Wisely

  • Tackle easier work first and break up larger projects to make them manageable.
  • Do not over exhaust yourself.
  1. Take Good Notes

  • Be an active listener in class, don’t gossip or text, and don’t look at other materials or browse the Web.
  • Rewrite or organize your notes outside of class.
  1. Use the Textbook

  • Read all assigned material.
  • Know what the critical information within the text.
  • Use an outlining system to help comprehend the material.
  1. Practice Good Writing Skills

  • Organize your thoughts before writing.
  • Understand the requirements for the paper prior to writing.
  • Write a draft and proofread!
  • Edit and Rewrite.
  1. Study Effectively

  • Study early and often, break studying into shorter, more manageable times.
  • Know how you study best.
  • Study with friends to gain support but don’t make it a distraction.
  • Develop a regular, consistent study time.
  • Find a system of studying that works for you and develop an approach that leads to establishing a routine.
  1. Take Advantage of School Resources

  • Utilize all the student services your school has to offer, such as tutoring, libraries, and even career centers!
  1. Visit your Academic Advisor Regularly

  • Meet your advisor early and often to seek opinions on which classes to take each semester and how to meet your academic goals.

10. Stay Connected

  • Check your student account regularly as the main source of important information.
  • Connect with other students in each class and exchange phone numbers.
  • Go to your instructor and let them know you are serious about doing well in class.

Written by: Kirsten Cummins, Marketing Intern