Built for Real Life

Life changes. Needs change. Goals change. CHCP is with you every step of the way, with flexible programs, tuition savings, lifetime professional career placement assistance and a robust network of employer connections to help you pursue the Career of Your Life!

Advance Your Career – Quicker and with Less Tuition Expense

Life is full of career opportunities and the CHCP ACCELERATE Program can help you become more marketable in a competitive health care industry. The program is truly “stackable” - meaning that every credit you earn at CHCP can be applied as a block transfer towards your advanced degree. As a CHCP alumni, you will receive savings on tuition too.

Flexible Online Programs for Working Professionals

Best of all, the program is flexible to meet the demands of your busy life. Achieve your goals at your own pace, while working, managing your family and maintaining your personal life. In addition, we offer year-round courses to fit your schedule.

Career Placement Service Now and in the Future

As you move through and graduate from each successive level, CHCP will help you navigate your job search with professional career placement assistance and a support network of thousands of employer connections.

Working your way through your chosen program with CHCP provides the greatest advantage. With a CHCP certificate or associate degree all of your earned credits apply towards your advanced degree and you will receive increasing tuition reductions as you advance.

Qualifying certificate and degree programs from other accredited educational institutions are accepted as well. Talk to an admissions advisor (make clickable link to chat) who will assist in helping you determine how your credits may transfer and can help you achieve your next degree.

Please email for more infomation.