CHCP's Online Health Care Career Education in Arizona

In Arizona, the health care industry has remained vibrant because of population growth over the past decade. Phoenix, for example, continues to have a booming health care jobs market as retirees look for a hot, dry climate and a low cost of living. The area needs an increasing number of health care workers to take care of this aging population, as well as administrators to oversee health care services.

According to the Arizona Department of Administration Office of Employment and Population Statistics:

  • Arizona is forecast to net gain 51,800 nonfarm jobs in 2014.
  • The Education and Health Services sector is forecast to gain 14,300 jobs or a 3.9% gain between 2012 and 2014.
  • Between 2002-2012, Arizona’s Education and Health Services sector grew to a 14.9% share of nonfarm industry employment.