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Personal Fitness Trainer Certification

On Campus
How to Become a Certified Personal Trainer

CHCP's Certified Personal Trainer program is offered at our Austin and Houston Northwest campuses!

Do you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, and enjoy teaching others about doing the same? By becoming a certified personal trainer , you can make a career out of working out and encouraging the health and well-being of others! CHCP’s Personal Fitness Training program will:

Teach you

  • Body composition/movement analysis

  • Injury prevention and post-rehabilitation techniques

  • How to set fitness and health goals

  • Small group fitness instruction

  • Nutrition Tactics

  • Behavior change and motivational interviewing techniques

  • Nutrition and wellness Coaching

  • Postural and movement assessments

  • Exercise Techniques

Prepare you for the

  • NASM Personal Trainer Certification test

  • ACSM Personal Trainer Certification test

Help you to become

  • Personal Trainer

  • Fitness/Personal Coach

  • Group Training Coach

  • Exercise Physiologist

  • Sports Nutrionist

  • Athletic Trainer

Employment of Certified  Personal Trainers (CPT) is expected to grow 24% from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for other occupations according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics*.
After taking CHCP’s Personal Fitness Trainer program, you will be fully prepared to:

  • Become a certified personal trainer

  • Take the NASM Personal Trainer Certification Test

  • Take the ACSM Personal Trainer Certification Test

  • Take the CPT Exam

  • Start your own business as a personal trainer

At CHCP, not only will you gain expertise about personal training techniques, you will learn entrepreneurship skills through our business management course which will help you to create a successful personal training business. Our hands-on technique to teaching means that when you graduate, you will be fully prepared to begin a career as a personal trainer in gyms, fitness centers, private studios, corporate wellness programs, or even start your own business as a personal trainer.

Once you’ve received your personal trainer certification, you will be eligible to take the test to become National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified (NASM CPT Exam). You may also be eligible to take the American College of Sports Medicine exam (ASCM Personal Trainer Certification Test). If you want a healthcare career that can offer the luxury of a flexible work schedule, an energetic and motivating work environment, and the personal satisfaction of knowing you are helping to make the world a healthier place, a career as a certified personal fitness trainer could be the right choice for you.

*May not reflect local or regional job market

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Personal Fitness Trainer Courses

MODULE I          
EP 301 Psychology of Sport 40   40 2.5
WEL 301 Wellness and Nutrition 40 40 80 4.0

MODULE II          
KN 301 Functional Kinesiology 40 40 80 4.0
AP 302 Anatomy & Physiology of Movement 40   40 2.5

​MODULE III          
EP 302 Physiology of Exercise 40 40 80 4.0
AP 301 Anatomy & Physiology of Form & Function 40   40 2.5

MODULE IV          
PT 301 Program Design 80 40 120 6.5

MODULE V          
PT 302 Training Concepts 80 40 120 6.5

MODULE VI          
BUS 301 Career Development 80 40 120 6.5

  Totals Hours/Credits 480 240 720 39.0